Integration solutions

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Software Product experts are recognised for their ability to handle the most complex heterogeneous integration projects while ensuring the stable operation of various platforms and technological solutions, as well as applications and systems with divergent lifecycles.

What we offer

  • integration of information systems and databases
  • creation of a single service bus
  • centralised management of reference and data files
  • service-oriented applications
  • application unification

Integration solutions are a set of methods and technologies for ensuring that heterogeneous modules from information systems and applications can be made to work together within a limited timeframe and at a minimal cost.

Software Product has substantial experience with IBM (WebSphere), Microsoft (BizTalk), Oracle (Fusion Middleware), Unix stack products, a proprietary platform for reference materials and metadata and a number of other solutions.

Our experts can perform the following tasks with speed and skill

  • merge information systems and databases into a single service bus
  • build a service-oriented architecture and standards for future app development
  • ensure centralised management of reference materials