Business intelligence and data visualisation systems

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Business intelligence and data visualisation systems

An intelligence and visualisation system is a hardware and software complex offering direct and rapid access to information a decision-maker may need.

What we offer

  • information flow monitoring and visualisation
  • in-progress reviews (reports, calculations, indicators, etc.)
  • modelling and forecasting
  • mobile access, user-friendly graphics
  • controlling information preparation

Information is presented in a user-friendly visual format. The main advantages of this solution are prompt updates, the availability of mobile versions (the solution was designed for mobile portable telecommunications platforms) and the fact that contractors who provide information are responsible for the content.

Software Product offers its customers services in the following areas

  • creating command and analytics centres
  • creating customised command centres for senior executives
  • creating and implementing systems for calculating and analysing economic indicators, systems for exchanging statistical data and reference materials.

These solutions can be implemented using Oracle Hyperion, IBM Cognos and Deductor, as well as proprietary platforms


  • Moscow Traffic Control Centre
    Creation of the Navigation and Information Centre for Truck Fleet Management; creation of a media monitoring system.
  • Moscow Metro
    Development and implementation of a personal communications system based on Big Data.
  • Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation
    Creation of an information and analytics system for monitoring indicators related to Russia’s national security.