Process structuring for providing government services at Moscow’s integrated government service centres and one-stop-shop offices

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Moscow’s Department of Information Technology is a municipal executive body tasked with developing IT, telecommunications and communications, as well as coordinating digitalisation efforts by various executive agencies of the city of Moscow.

One of the Department’s key objectives is to introduce IT in all areas of city life. To this end, the Department engages in the development, implementation and operation of Moscow’s IT resources and systems. For example, it is in charge of developing the government and municipal services website that is used by more than 2 million Moscow residents. This is the leading regional e-government services portal in Russia.


Under Presidential Executive Order No. 601 of 7 May 2012, 70% of Russian citizens must have access to government and municipal services online by 2018, and the satisfaction rate is expected to reach 90%.

To deliver on the objectives set forth in this executive order, Moscow sought to streamline administrative and management processes related to providing government services in integrated government service centres and executive agencies, as well as improve the quality of services provided to individuals and businesses.


With these goals in mind, Software Product experts carried out a number of optimisation and adaptation initiatives for the Automated System of Government and Municipal Services and Functions that is used by the integrated government service centres and one-stop-shop offices.

The Automated System of Government and Municipal Services and Functions offers a single point of contact for submitting applications for government services, regardless of whether the applicant uses the Moscow government services website, goes to the integrated government service centre, a one-stop-shop office or calls a contact centre. The system can be used to prepare applications and transfer them to the relevant agencies for execution. In addition, the system is also designed to track the status of the application, including updates and reports on the provision of services.

This automated system is used by more than 12,000 users from 780 government institutions involved in the provision of government services in Moscow, including 112 integrated government service centres and 215 one-stop-shop offices. More than 7 million applications were registered since the system’s launch, including more than 365,000 processed by the staff of integrated government service centres.

The system is designed to accept 215 documents of various kinds, and more than 800,000 have been submitted since its launch.


Software Product experts conducted an audit of solutions used at integrated government service centres and executives agencies to provide government services. At the next stage, they fine-tuned and upgraded statistical and analytical forms for these solutions. In addition, data submission mechanisms were adjusted in order to control and monitor performance, alongside a number of other initiatives aimed at improving service quality.

More than 20 government services were streamlined as part of the project.