Creation of Zakonotvorchestvo state automated system for supporting legislative activity

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The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation is the lower chamber of the Russian parliament alongside the Federation Council, the upper chamber. Its legal status is defined in Chapter 5 of the Russian Constitution.

The State Duma is primarily responsible for drafting and adopting federal laws.


Until recently, information required by the State Duma and other legislative (representative) bodies for their legislative work was recorded, stored and processed by several poorly linked IT systems developed back in the 1990s. It was not uncommon for these systems to duplicate or overlap each other. There was no single source of reference data. In addition, the support and development of these systems was complicated by the poor links between them and the fact that they had long become obsolete.


In order to address these issues and help the State Duma improve its overall performance, a dedicated system for supporting legislative efforts was created. It automates legislative processes at the federal level, as well as standard legislative initiatives at the regional level, and is also designed to inform the public of legislative activities by offering user-friendly access to details on legislation, including through mobile applications.


  • automated generation of long-term, medium-term and short-term plans for the State Duma
  • semantic processing of minutes from State Duma meetings and automated recording of resolutions from these minutes
  • single reference data subsystem
  • automated generation of templates for the documents entered into the system taking into consideration registered records
  • optimised interface for all platforms and mobile devices
  • mobile application or iOS and Android
  • prompt notification of legislators of updates and changes
  • automated screening of documents and details in the system


The system is currently in operation and serves as the main source of information on laws, draft resolutions and other legislative documents coming from the State Duma. More than 3,500 users are registered in the system, including users in all 85 Russian regions. The system’s public section is accessible online.