Support for a single information database for the blood bank and its components

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The Blood Centre is in charge of collecting, processing, storing, releasing and securing donor blood and its components. It is subordinate to the Federal Medical-Biological Agency.


The Blood Centre of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency has a number of objectives under the Health national project and Federal Law No. 125-FZ On Donation of Blood and its Components of 20 July 2012, which include ensuring oversight and safety in technological processes related to the donation of blood and its components, as well as storing data on millions of donors of blood and its components.

These tasks were addressed by creating a federal state IT system, the Single Information Database for the Safety of Donated Blood and its Components, Developing, Organising and Raising Awareness about Donation of Blood and its Components.


The Single Information Database is a geographically-distributed software and hardware complex with uninterrupted sharing of information about donors of blood and its components, as well as strategic reserves of blood and its components.

As part of this project Software Product experts carried out a number of initiatives to set up the following components:

  • round-the-clock free federal hotline for Single Information Database users
  • three-tier single help desk consisting of a central unit as well as representatives on each of the supported elements of the blood service
  • continuous monitoring, administration and troubleshooting for Single Information Database hardware, system applications, special software and data security tools
  • maintenance of computers and other devices used by the Single Information Database, as well as the structured cabling system used by the blood service
  • consulting on technological aspects of entering medical data into the Automated Transfusion Medicine IT System
  • uninterrupted data sharing between the related blood service units, including ensuring the safety of data on donated blood and its components

In addition, Software Product experts upgraded and improved the Automated Transfusion Medicine IT System taking into consideration the requirements set forth in Federal Law No. 125-FZ On Donation of Blood and its Components of 20 July 2012.


Software Product experts assigned to the project ensured uninterrupted operation of the Single Information Database and provided for the required support and updates of software and operational instructions.

More than 130 regional and federal healthcare institutions in charge of collecting, processing, storing and securing donated blood and its components are currently connected to the Single Information Database across the Russian Federation. The system includes more than 15,000 computers, with more than 400 servers and 4,000 APMs, serving 7,000 users. The database contains entries on more than 5 million donors and 20 million blood donations.