Automated information systems

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Software Product specialises in integrated projects to create automated information systems (AIS) for major geographically-distributed institutions from various sectors (varying agency affiliation).

What we offer

  • automating unique agency-specific or inter-agency business processes
  • developing and designing administrative guidelines
  • creating and maintaining state and municipal registries
  • designing distributed high-load systems (tens of thousands of users)
  • ensuring access from mobile devices

The purpose of an automated information system is to cover all operations related to processing information, from collecting and transferring (exchanging) to processing, including in real time, as well as analysing these data as part of the decision-making process. Software Product offers the full range of services for automating administrative processes within and among various agencies, as well as guidelines. These include not only AIS development and implementation, but also auditing, analysis and drafting guidelines, automation and maintenance, as well as upgrades.

Solutions developed by Software Product enable our customers to fully automate their reporting processes, control and check data at all stages, compile registries, as well as add data in any format they deem fit.

The rating agency Expert RA has named Software Product a top 20 SOFTWARE company in Russia.


  • Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
    Development of an information system to automate oversight-related activities for regional government institutions in charge of education.
  • Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare
    AIS upgrade and maintenance (Roszdravnadzor AIS).
  • Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation
    Creation of a federal information system for the Interior Ministry’s General Administration for Traffic Safety (FIS GIBDD-M).
  • Federal Bureau of the Social Security Medical Assessment Board of the Labour Ministry of the Russian Federation
    Development and maintenance of the single automated vertically integrated information and analytics system for social security medical assessments.