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The vast array of data that surrounds us can be a source of valuable information that may be critical for government and private institutions. Big Data solutions enable users to gather, analyse and store various pieces of information from multiple sources, as well as enjoy convenient and user-friendly access to this information for delivering on various business objectives.

Software Product offers Big Data solutions that can be used in various areas of activity

  • public safety, including information confrontation systems, crime statistics analysis
  • investment policy, regional development (opinion polling, establishing correlations with targets, identifying zones of tensions, reputation of the region and its government)
  • healthcare (pre-emptive care, streamlining healthcare costs)
  • transport development (assessing and streamlining transport flows, tariffs and fees)
  • energy and water supply (enhancing efficiency, balanced consumption depending on time of day and year)
  • exploitation and suppliers (forecasting spending and breakdowns, identifying unscrupulous suppliers)
  • forecasting emergencies
  • single entry point for managing requests and incidents

In our Big Data projects we use the Hadoop ecosystem of components, utilities and libraries for developing and executing distributed programmes based on clusters consisting of hundreds and thousands of nodes to process, store and analyse big troves of data. A system of this kind was designed and installed for the Safe Transport innovation centre.

These solutions can be used to

  • devise scenarios for personal communications systems based on big data
  • create a system for collection, processing and storing big data from various sources
  • arrange and aggregate information and build analytical reports
  • launch customised campaigns to interact with transport users
  • prepare materials for sending personalised messages to transport users taking into consideration their unique characteristics and interests

As an IBM partner, Software Product also uses solutions from IBM, the largest provider of Big Data solutions for businesses. For example, IBM Watson is a set of solutions for in-depth analysis of various data, including text and speech, as well as images and video. A number of solutions have been developed based on this technology for the healthcare, manufacturing, legal and financial sectors.


  • Moscow Metro
    Developing and implementing a personalised communications system based on Big Data.
  • Moscow Government
    Creating a system for generating personalised messages based on Big Data.