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Blockchain solutions

Blockchain technology consists of creating distributed data ledgers to protect information from being replaced or altered by people with physical access to storage facilities. All the data are encrypted and stored on computers with special software.

Software Product has a team of qualified, internationally certified experts (software architects, leading developers, analytics and information security experts) who offer customers various Blockchain solutions

Our areas of work

  • developing prototypes and decentralised applications for the Ethereum platform
  • developing private Blockchains (distributed ledger) based on Hyperledger Fabric, Corda and Ethereum private forks with a customisable consensus mechanism
  • developing Exonum-based decentralised applications together with Bitfury
  • creating proprietary distributed ledgers

Projects and pilots

  • inspection of retail loan insurance
  • e-voting
  • managing title transfers
  • accounting for OEM parts and their lifecycle
  • pass entry system and data exchange for entering facilities