Import substitution

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In 2017, the Russian Government drafted and approved a programme, Digital Economy of the Russian Federation, designed to facilitate the transition to a new economy that includes five spheres:

  • information infrastructure
  • information security
  • research competences and technological advances
  • norms and regulations
  • human resources and education

This programme is expected to lay the legal, technological, administrative and financial groundwork for Russia’s digital economy and its integration with other digital economies within the Eurasian Economic Union. It is also designed to reduce Russia’s dependence on imported software and facilitate the development and production of Russian-made computer and telecommunications equipment and software. In fact, by the end of the programme the share of foreign software and hardware in government procurement is expected to reach 10% and 50%, respectively.

Software Product intends to actively contribute to the Digital Economy programme. Our group of companies is 100% Russian, and the software we develop is included in the register of Russian software. We already prioritise Russian technology when selecting software to work with, guided by the commitment to move information systems used by customers to Russian-made or open-source software platforms so as to shield them from sanctions.

In a number of spheres, Russian-made or open-source products offer a better value for the money compared to solutions from established global providers. We started on this path long before the government decided to move in this direction, and have already gained substantial expertise in import substitution.