Information security

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For any organisation seeking to build viable IT infrastructure, information security is essential. Software Product offers its customers a wide range of InfoSec services.

What we offer

  • integrated information security solution as per Federal Law FZ-152 On Personal Data
  • solutions are certified by FSTEC and FSB
  • extensive possibilities to audit information security systems (manual and automated vulnerability scans)
  • modelling possible scenarios intruders could use
  • services to create, implement and maintain certification authorities
Apart from ensuring information security as per Federal Law FZ-152, Software Product offers a package of services to manually scan IT systems for vulnerabilities, which is a unique offering for the Russian market.

This package includes

  • information security audit (standard, specialised and system software)
  • automated and manual vulnerability scans
  • modelling possible scenarios intruders could use
  • eliminating the identified software vulnerabilities

The audit to identify potential vulnerabilities relies on software tools (running scans and tests on the software used by the organisation), as well as modelling possible actions that the intruders may take, and manually analysing the identified software vulnerabilities.