Engineering centre

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Software Product has an in-house engineering centre with a dispatching and data processing centre.

Experts working at this engineering centre have extensive experience in the following areas

  • design, construction and operation of data centres, including server room services:
    • systems guaranteeing power supply to server rooms
    • precision cooling, air conditioning and ventilation systems
    • auxiliary low-current systems: security and fire alarm, video surveillance, automated monitoring and management
  • design, construction and operation of structured cable systems of any level, both horizontal and vertical
  • design, construction and operation of large-scale city-wide data transmission networks, including organising and servicing backbone nodes serving hundreds of tier-2 and tier-3 nodes and subscriber devices
  • development of monitoring and automation systems for technological processes and equipment
  • design, construction and operation of video surveillance systems of any complexity, including city-wide systems with thousands of CCTV cameras
  • design, implementation and operation of command centres, monitoring centres, videoconferencing systems, and meetings room equipment
  • Software Product partners with the leading vendors of support and server equipment, as well as communications and security equipment (Cisco, IBM, AXIS, Beward, etc.).

Software Product holds all the licences and certificates required for creating engineering infrastructure, including

  • Federal Security Service (FSB) licence to develop and produce encryption tools for information and telecommunications systems
  • FSB licence to service encryption tools
  • FSB licence to distribute encryption tools
  • FSB licence to provide encryption services
  • Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) licence to ensure technical protection of confidential information
  • FSTEC licence to develop and/or produce privacy protection tools

The engineering centre’s quality management system was certified under ISO 9001:2008 (GOST R ISO 9001:2008). In addition, we are also certified under environmental management standards GOST R ISO 14001:2007 (ISO 14001:2004) regarding information system design, development, implementation and support, and hold a Quality Management System Certificate of Conformity to develop, produce, test, repair, install, assemble, service and sell products (classes in the Uniform Codifier of Issue Article (EKPS) 7030, 7031, 7055, 7060, 7440, 7450, 7460) — GOST RV 0015-002-2012.

Creation and implementation of automated management systems for dispatching and command centres

We provide a full range of services to create, renovate and service dispatching and command centres, data collection and transmission systems (including communication channels and telemetering equipment), facility-based systems (automated management systems, power system protection, emergency automatics, power metering systems, security and fire alarms, service and security video surveillance, diagnostics monitoring and control system).

The project consists of

  • drafting terms of reference and project documentation, including state expertise
  • supplying equipment, materials and software
  • construction, wiring and start-up at facilities
  • commissioning and acceptance tests and trial operation of the supplied systems, deployment into production
  • customer staff training and consulting

The following systems are installed as part of centres

  • video wall
  • software and hardware package
  • communications and telemetry systems (central transceiver station)
  • guaranteed power supply systems, including a diesel generator and a constant current system
  • fire extinguishing, air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • access control and video surveillance

Automation, management and dispatching systems implementation

Data collection and transmission system

  • telemetry and remote control systems, including the central transceiver station
  • specialised communications networks
  • network infrastructure monitoring, management and operation complexes
  • enterprise IT infrastructure design and construction
  • solutions under the programme to improve reliability and observability for dispatching facilities and power grids

Facility-based automation and dispatching systems

  • automated process control systems
  • power system protection
  • emergency automatics
  • telemetry and remote control systems
  • core hardware monitoring systems
  • commercial and technical accounting complexes
  • video surveillance and access control systems
  • fire and security alarms and automatic fire suppression systems

Smart video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems are relevant for many sectors, including transport, schools, hospitals, government agencies, stadiums and industrial sites.

These systems help achieve the following objectives

  • improve the efficiency of video surveillance through smart solutions
  • improve response times to incidents in real time
  • reduce the time it takes to locate an incident in real time and for past periods
  • enhance video surveillance stability

With the engineering centre, we can create smart video surveillance systems no matter the complexity or sphere of activity.

Project stages

  • planning and analytics
  • video analytics implementation (with altitude video observation, biometrics and delivery modules and development of specialised software)
  • construction and installation (taking into consideration delivery)
  • integration with the control centre’s software and hardware complex
  • maintenance with dispatching control based on our dispatching centre
The engineering centre is member of the Designers’ Association self-regulatory organisation with clearance to engage in design work, as well as a member of the Constructors’ Association self-regulatory organisation with clearance to engage in construction.

The engineering centre has the necessary clearances to work at heights, work with electric equipment of up to 1,000W with the right to carry out tests, work in Moscow sewers and cable conduits, work with classified information and a number of other clearances.