IT consulting

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Building on its deep insight into the applicable norms, regulations, policies and guidelines used by federal and regional government agencies, Software Product offers its customers IT consulting services.

What we offer

  • devising development concepts, agency plans and drafts of targeted programmes
  • monitoring ongoing business processes
  • IT auditing and reporting for state regulators
  • optimising and improving administrative regulations

We provide an independent expert assessment of IT performance within an organisation, help develop plans to support business processes through IT solutions and minimise risks of IT solutions used by the organisation being inconsistent with its objectives.

Company experts are guided by recognised methods and standards in their work, including ITIL, ISO 20000, state standards GOST 34, etc.


  • Project management
  • IT security
  • Risk management
  • Business processes
  • Outsourcing and outstaffing
  • Hardware and software
  • Engineering infrastructure