ITSM solutions

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ITSM solutions provide for automation, mobility, enhanced transparency and analytics in various processes related to managing IT services, helping integrate a wide range of technologies. As an IBM partner, Software Product offers ITSM solutions based on IBM Smart Cloud Control Desk (SCCD), a comprehensive solution that helps reduce cost and minimise service disruptions through automated service request handling, efficient change management, and optimised asset lifecycle management across IT and enterprise domains.

Software Product also offers solutions based on Zabbix, an open source solution for monitoring various services related to computer networks, servers and networking equipment.

IBM SCCD covers the following ITIL processes

  • creating, routing and managing requests, purchase orders and contract terms
  • audit and reporting on licence agreements of various kinds
  • inventory, finance and contract information for supporting lifecycle assets and taking strategic decisions
  • managing and monitoring all aspects for configuration elements throughout the lifecycle
  • checking the availability of licenced, tested and up-to-date software and hardware
  • single standardised change management methods
  • faster recovery time with minimal impact on operations
  • single entry point for managing requests and incidents