Machine learning for video analytics

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We make active use of the most advanced technologies in monitoring, management and analytics projects using advanced video surveillance systems together with machine learning solutions.

There are multiple applications for machine learning video analysis, including:

  • spotting accumulation of people, cars or objects: road or pedestrian traffic density, waste accumulation, etc.
  • biometrics for various needs: profiling, tracking working hours using a distributed network, pass entry systems, banking, smart home systems, etc.
  • tracking: following motion patterns for people/vehicles
  • identifying delays in the movement of an object or subject
  • analysing video sequences to find specific objects or subjects
  • classifying vehicles (car, bus, truck, taxi or tow truck)
  • smart city solutions: identifying undesirable road congestion episodes, detecting parking violations in prohibited parking zones, tracking the time it takes a car to cross a specific area, etc.

Software Product has its own R&D laboratory for developing machine learning solutions and working on video analysis technology. We are ready to take on unique tasks and create software and hardware complexes for video analysis and computer vision by selecting appropriate software and hardware to deliver on a specific task. The company also has an engineering centre for assembling the final product.