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E-government services

What we offer

  • automation solutions for integrated service centres
  • automation solutions for government services
  • ensuring inter-agency interaction using the Interdepartmental Electronic Interaction System (IEIS)
  • connecting federal and regional agencies to IEIS (at its own initiative)
  • creating and upgrading regional government service portals

The company’s largest project in this sphere so far has been to create and develop a unique automated system for managing government and municipal services and functions. It provides a universal application processing tool that can be used to obtain any available service. The system provides for data exchange between more than 700 state institutions involved in providing services in Moscow. The system is used by operators at integrated government service centres and by experts in charge of providing the service at the relevant agencies. This system currently includes more than 12,000 users, including all Moscow’s integrated government service centres. Since its launch, the system has helped provide more than 1.2 million services, with more than 800,000 documents submitted using inter-agency electronic workflow solutions.

Software Product offers a number of solutions to its customer, and stands ready to implement them in any region.

Integrated Municipal Information System for Integrated Government Service Centres

  • automating work stations for all-round professionals
  • multiple ways of interacting with regional executive authorities
  • streamlining and automating service guidelines
  • integration with the regional segment of the e-government initiative
  • monitoring and analysing operations at integrated government service centres

Universal Module for Working with IEIS

This information system provides a universal gateway that can be used as part of an inter-agency interaction network that links various information systems from organisations involved in the provision of government services, as well as supports interaction between information systems within these organisations with the IEIS and the provision of government services.

In addition, the Universal Module for Working with IEIS information system can also be used as an independent system for automating processes related to providing government services, if the organisation in question lacks information systems with appropriate specifications. Information systems of this kind can be implemented within a short period of time in order to automate the provision of government services, and also enable users to send requests and process those coming from other government executive bodies and government agencies.


Moscow Government

  • organising centralised provision of government services based on information systems at integrated government service centres
  • carrying out research and development to transfer government services in education online
  • mos.ru upgrade and maintenance