Solutions for smart cities

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The smart city concept refers to a system designed to streamline the use of available city resources to make the city as resident-friendly as possible. Making this concept a reality requires various city information systems (video surveillance, utilities, public transit and security, etc.) to form a single space using the Internet of Things (IoT).

Software Product offers a number of smart city solutions.

What we offer

  • Smart Transport is a key element for upgrading city infrastructure. It is based on collecting data from urban and regional systems, processing and enriching them in Big Data formats and using artificial intelligence tools to take effective decisions. The smart transport system includes three subsystems: Collection, Storage and Management;
  • City Traffic is a system for monitoring and managing road traffic. The system analyses footage from video cameras and transport sensors taking into consideration a wide range of factors affecting the transport network in order to forecast road traffic and suggest ways to improve it;
  • The Smart Parking Management System streamlines the use of road infrastructure and redirects transport flows depending on the availability of parking space, enabling pedestrians and cars to move about safely and without impediments. Online control of compliance with stopping and parking signs;
  • The Smart Outdoor Lighting Management System is based on smart algorithms and is designed to make effective use of video cameras and other digital sensors when upgrading road and transport infrastructure.

A number of services were developed to this effect, including the Single Traffic Control Centre, System for Dimension and Weight Measurements, Smart Video Recording and Monitoring System, Smart Passenger Transit System, as well as personalised city services.